Over 10 years of Offset

What we do

We make your life easy when it comes to buying Shock Bushings for your bike. Our unique ordering system means you don't need to measure anything - just tell us what bike you have.

Whether you're looking for Offset Bushings to adjust your bike's geometry or Standard Bushings to install a new shock / replace your old bushings, we have you covered. How do I order?

Our history

Back in 2012 the concept of ‘Offset Shock Bushings’ for bikes was new. The idea of lower and slacker geometry was catching on big time and Offset Bushings were a way to improve this easily and cost effectively. Out of curiosity, I machined a set for my own bike to test in the Alps that summer and loved the results. Right away other riders started asking me to make them for their bikes too. Since then, they've only got more popular year on year.

The early bushings were machined by my father in his modest workshop, equipped with a lathe and a mill. Soon the increasing interest in Offset Bushings meant a website and new machinery to handle the growing volume of orders was needed.

Offset Bushings 2012

As for the company name – I kept it simple: Offset Bushings. At the time, we were solely producing this one product. Since then, we have expanded our range to include Standard Bushings, also known as Shock Hardware. Maybe a new name is in order, but I’m rather fond of Offset.

10 years later

Time flies! We've shipped bushings around the world, from Alaska to Kazakhstan and everywhere in between. I remember sharing a chairlift with a rider in Queenstown, NZ who'd just installed a set the previous day and recognised the Offset logo on my helmet - it's a small world!

I'm proud we've become a trusted supplier for numerous race teams in the UCI MTB World Cup, from Downhill to Enduro and XC. Offsets have even been tested at the Red Bull Rampage.

Both our Offset & Standard Bushings are now installed in many factory bikes and are recommended by local bike shops and brands globally.

Offset Bushings 2013

Making your life easy

Over the last 10+ years of production, we’ve kept track of the dimensions every bike has used for their Shock Bushings. This has enabled us to compile a comprehensive database of Shock Bushing sizes.

Traditionally, ordering Shock Bushings had been a frustrating task, involving measuring the current hardware on your bike or searching online for dimensions – only to discover they have been incorrectly listed in a manual!

That's where we're different. We simplify this process; all we need are the frame and shock models from our customers. Often, we know the sizes your bike needs from memory alone.

Offset Bushings 2023

Focusing on customers

Offset remains a small family-run business, producing all our bushings in Sussex, England. We maintain a stock of the most frequently ordered sizes, whilst producing all others sizes to order within 2 days.

We’ve built a reputation for our customer service – with the most common reaction being surprise at how simple ordering was from us. We strive to respond to all inquiries as promptly as possible. Should you have any questions about our products, or if you’re looking for some advice, please get in touch.