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    Q - Will Offset Bushings work with my frame?
    A - We can machine Offset Bushings to fit almost any frame. For more information on compatibility click here.

    Q - Do Offset / Standard bushings work with bearing mount shocks?
    A - Some new shocks have a bearing at one end, these are not compatible with standard size shock bushings. They will use a normal bushing at the other end however - and you can often use shocks designed for normal bushings in a frame that is compatible with a bearing mount.

    Q - Will Offset Bushings adjust my frames suspension travel?
    A - No, your suspension travel will stay the same.

    Q - Do you ship abroad? If so, how much does it cost?
    A - Yes! We do. Find out more here.

    Q - What measurements do you need to produce Offset or standard bushings?
    A - We have a huge database of sizes - very few customers ever need to supply them. If you want to know what sizes we need however, you can find them here.

    Q - Will Offset Bushings adjust the stroke of my shock?
    A - No, the stroke will not change at all.

    Q - Do I need to use DU bushes?
    A - Yes. To use either our Offset or Standard hardware you need to use a DU bush. We supply these also! You can find them here.

    Q - Can I use Offset Bushings to use a standard shock in a Fox DRCV Trek frame?

    A - Yes, a pair of Offset Bushings will allow you to replace your DRCV shock with a standard length shock without adjusting your geometry on most Trek frames. 

    Q - Can you supply shock hardware for BOS shocks?
    A - We can! We supply bushings for later 12.7mm diameter BOS shocks. Either offset or standard. Early BOS shocks use 12mm diameter bushing - we don't produce these unfortunately.

    Q - Where are you based?
    A - We are a family run company based on the South coast of the UK.