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    How they work

    Offset Bushings simply replace your original shock hardware. That means easily pushing your hardware out (tool free job 99% of the time) and just as easily sliding your new Offset Bushings in. When installing make sure the offset holes are facing towards each other – towards the centre of the shock. This mimics the effect of a slightly compressed shock; which will in turn lower and slacken the geometry of the bicycle. Find out how to install here.

    One common misconception is that they will reduce the amount of travel your bicycle has. This is completely false. The stroke of your shock remains constant so your travel will not be adjusted at all.

    Offset bushings

    Material choice 

    Offset Bushings are machined from both Brass and Aluminium. We put a lot of time into finding reliable partners to source material from – our brass rod is machined to very high tolerances to provide the best fit possible; this is then polished to provide a very smooth finish. We use aluminium for our spacers due to its light weight.

    Adjustment and sizes

    The adjustment you'll get when using Offset Bushings can change slightly from one bike to the next. This is down to shock length & leverage ratio along with the shock hardware bolt diameter. On average you should expect the following adjustment.

    Pair of Offset Bushings

    • 6mm - 1.5° HA | -15mm BB
    • 8mm - 1.0° HA | -10mm BB
    • 10mm - 0.5° HA | -5mm BB

    Single Offset Bushing

    • 6mm - 0.75° | -7.5mm BB
    • 8mm - 0.5° | -5mm BB
    • 10mm - 0.25° | -2.5mm BB

    For example - both the Lapierre Spicy and Zesty models have benefited greatly from having a set of Offset Bushings in and they are a common upgrade suggestion in reviews. Offset Bushings are also highly recommended for the Specialized Enduro by much of the MTB media. 

    8mm bolts are the most common - these are commonly used in Specialized, Commencal, Orange, Santa Cruz & many more different frames. 

    We produce hardware for all shock types
    Including but not limited to;  RockShox, FOX, BOS, Cane Creek, Manitou & 5th Element. That means we can produce both standard 12.7mm along with 12mm bushings (the only company to do so). Please see our Supported bikes page for more info.


    If you have any questions, please do get in touch. We aim to reply within a couple of hours.