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    As tested on a Trek Remedy

    Offset Bushings MBR

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    • "The bushings were quality items that installed easily, and the results have exceeded my expectations. My bike has a newfound stability in corners and on downhills that makes me smile every time I ride it!"- John Morse, Enduro Magazine
    • "So simple. great service and an outstanding price!"Mattias Lindqvist, Sweden
    • "Long manuals are now a reality and boy does it descend and rail turns now!"Steve, Dirt Mag

    Customer Reviews

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    Easiest Upgrade Ever

    Bought these many months ago to install on my Covert 29er. It was a great investment and easy to install. One of those parts that can change things drastically without the visual of there being any difference. Love these and suggest them to my riding buddies who want to modernize their rides.


    Transformed my Solo into a DH machine!!

    Top product!

    Great product, transformed my orange five - super fast delivery and well engineered for a fraction of the cost of the competitors!

    The best £20 I have spent

    First thanks for getting them to me so quickly. Got them just as we were about to leave for holiday.

    Just fitted the offset busing, which took about 10 mins as I only have a limited selection of tools with me but once I figure it out it was nice and easy.

    The best £20 I have spent to improve the performance of my bike. I instantly noticed the difference as soon as I started on my he first bit of downhill. Just what I needed to sharpen up the performance of my bike.

    I am super impressed.



    Highly recommended as an upgrade!

    Big thanks to Jeron and the team at Offset Bushings. Great customer service and the kit has made my 2015 Lapierre Spicy so much more enjoyable! Highly recommended as an upgrade.

    I didn't think that 1 degree would be that noticeable but it really is. Bike just felt totally settled on the downs and very comfortable on the trails, for me it climbed better also. I am 6ft 4" and 100kg, have to have my saddle quite high.

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