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High quality shock bushings for all Airdrop frames

Just let us know the model of your bike and shock in the box above and we'll take it from there. Most Airdrop frames use one shock bushing, for this please see the link below.

  • Centre drilled shock hardware, allowing you to install a new shock or replace worn bushings
  • Standard 12.7mm (1/2") diameter.
  • Compatible with all shocks (Fox, Rockshox, DVO, Marzocchi, EXT, Push, post 2012 Manitou & more) aside from BOS.
  • Machined with high precision from brass and aluminium, specifically for your bike to ensure a perfect fit. Learn more
  • Simple installation. Learn more
  • DU bushes not included for Cane Creek shocks using a 14.7mm diameter eyelet.
    Commonly ordered sizes
    Most bikes use bushings under 49mm wide, we have a surcharge for sizes above this.

    These are our most frequently ordered sizes. Every bushing is made to order however, so we can produce almost any size.

    • 14x10mm
    • 15x10mm
    • 15.7x8mm
    • 16.5x8mm
    • 19x8mm
    • 19x6mm
    • 20x6mm
    • 20x8mm
    • 20x10mm
    • 21.8x8mm
    • 22x8mm
    • 22x6mm
    • 22.2x8mm
    • 22.2x10mm
    • 25x8mm
    • 30x8mm
    • 34x8mm
    • 35x8mm
    • 40x8mm
    • 40x10mm
    • 42.2x8mm
    • 50x8mm
    • 54x10mm
    • 60x10mm