Offset Bushing - 22mm x 8mm – Offset Bushings
22x8mm is the most common size for shock hardware. Does your bike use a 22x8mm bushing? Find out here or contact us.

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  • Includes a standard size igus® DU bush with every 12.7mm bushing*
  • Designed to improve your bikes geometry by slackening the head angle and lowering the bottom bracket. This increases stability at speed/on steep terrain and aids cornering ability.
  • Available in 12.7mm (1/2") diameter. Compatible with all shocks apart from BOS & Ohlins. 
  • Machined to high tolerances from Brass with Aluminium spacers.
  • For the most notable change, we recommend a pair of bushings. This is what 99% of customers order.
  • Very simple to install with no special tools needed.
  • In stock and ready to ship.
  • Worldwide delivery

*apart from orders for Cane Creek shocks as they're not compatible.

Average adjustment - single Offset Bushing (x2 for a pair)
  • 8mm diameter - 2mm offset each, ~ 0.5° head angle adjustment.