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    Upgrade your Orbea Rise with our Offset Bushings kit. This kit can be used for installing a 216mm e2e shock when converting to mullet or with your original shock and 29" wheels.

    • Includes a pair of standard size (12.7mm) igus® DU bush.
    • Size is 22x8mm + 16.5mm - this doesn't always match the product photo, so don't worry if it doesn't look correct!
    • Machined to high tolerances from Brass with Aluminium spacers.
    • Adjust your head angle by 1 degrees and 10mm BB drop on average. How does this help?
    • Very simple to install with no special tools needed.
    • Compatible with standard 12.7mm shocks (Fox, RS etc.). Contact us if you're unsure as we can produce for other shocks also.
    • Fast machining and shipping time!
    • Worldwide delivery
    • Some shocks can be be tight for clearance on the rear yoke. 2mm space required / we can produce less offset if requested for this end.


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 143 reviews Write a review

        Giant Anthem X2 2010

        Once again great service, my Giant Anthem X2 e-bike is ready to go, offset top bush has slackened the headstock angle and given me more clearance for getting the wiring thro' for the Tongsheng mid drive. Many thanks.


        I'm fitting a shock and needed a little extra room, found Offset Bushings, and they set me right up. The quality of these is amazing. It's too bad stock shocks (that go for $700 US and up) don't come with bushings like these. And they got to me super fast. Thanks again Offset Bushings!

        Luke in NY

        great product and great service

        I have a few older bikes I thought I might give these a shot on. I waited a bit to review to see how they work long term. Now the bushings are 7 months old with 1000s of miles and still going good. Being in the US thought it might be quite a while. Shipped FAST and when they arrived was amazed. These are a much better bushing than the plastic stuff that comes from the factory. Buy their little tool it is amazing and even use it to press some bearings on other parts. As soon as a I get my new frame, ordering another set and swap out from the get go. Thanks for great service and a great product.

        Awesome! Thank you for the kind words sir! :)

        - Offset Bushings | Shock Mounting Hardware


        Even if the changes are minute, I can definitely feel that my bike, a 2016 Canyon Spectral, is longer and slacker, making for a slightly more interesting and stable ride when pointed downhill.
        Given (the ratio between) the price and changes this product brings about, I'd say it's highly recommended.

        Great Service

        I ordered replacement offset bushings, initial bushing supplied were wrong size (probably down to my slightly uncommon bike), but within two days of sending an email regarding this, they got the correct size bushings to me. Phoned twice for advice, both time got straight onto someone who was very helpful and gave me some valuable technical help.

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