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Transform your bike's handling with our Offset Bushings

  • Improve stability & cornering performance by tweaking your bike's geometry -  learn more
  • Made to order for your bike in 2 days
  • Includes high quality igus® DU bushes
  • Worldwide shipping - learn more
  • Compatible with all major brands, such as Fox, Rockshox, Cane Creek, DVO, Marzocchi, EXT, Push & more -  12.7mm diameter
  • Machined to high tolerances from Brass with Aluminium spacers - learn more
  • For the most notable change, we recommend a pair of Offset Bushings
  • Functions much like a Flip Chip
  • Simple & easy to install - learn more

      Average geometry adjustments
      • 6mm bolt - 3mm offset each, 6mm total ~ 1.5° head angle adjustment
      • 8mm bolt - 2mm offset each, 4mm total ~ 1.0° head angle adjustment
      • 10mm bolt - 1mm offset each, 2mm total ~ 0.5° head angle adjustment
      • 3/8" bolt (old Santa Cruz) also supported
      • Note: clearance required around eyelet will match the offset amount

        Additional information
        • Standard 12.7mm (1/2") diameter
        • Designed to shorten the shock e2e only
        • DU bushes not included for Cane Creek shocks using a 14.7mm diameter eyelet

          Sizing information
          Most bikes use bushings under 49mm wide, we have a surcharge for sizes above this.

          These are our most frequently ordered sizes. Every bushing is made to order however, so we can produce almost any size.

          • 14x10mm
          • 15x10mm
          • 15x8mm
          • 15.7x8mm
          • 16.5x8mm
          • 19x8mm
          • 19x6mm
          • 20x6mm
          • 20x8mm
          • 20x10mm
          • 21.8x8mm
          • 22x8mm
          • 22x6mm
          • 22.2x8mm
          • 22.2x10mm
          • 25x8mm
          • 30x8mm
          • 30x10mm
          • 32x8mm
          • 34x8mm
          • 35x8mm
          • 40x8mm
          • 40x10mm
          • 42.2x8mm
          • 50x8mm
          • 54x10mm
          • 60x10mm

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 182 reviews
          Zac Bishop
          The only guys to use! Simple as that.

          Have used them before, always the best. Ordering couldn't be easier and turned up as expected.

          Jobet Nicolas
          Offset Bushing 2018 Canyon Strive

          5 stars

          Marco Moser
          Offset pushings

          Need special Size,contact was very easy ,Support perfect ,Standard Price recommend company...that was my 3rd buy..everytime perfect

          Sean Healy
          Marin wolf ridge 6.8 shock bushes

          Ordered the above , typed in the bike I had and the shock I was using , clicked buy, they came in the post , were perfect fit wise and were a dream to swap for my worn out originals . Highly recommended.


          Quality product that ships quick and fits easily. Around 1 week of shipping to the east coast of Canada.