The finest quality Shock Hardware for all Rockshox shocks

Just let us know the make & model of your bike and shock in the box above. Set quantity to 2x for a pair.

  • Centre drilled shock hardware, allowing you to install a new shock or replace worn bushings
  • Precision machined from Brass and Aluminium, for great performance and longevity - learn more
  • Simple installation - learn more
    Commonly ordered sizes
    Most bikes use bushings under 49mm wide, we have a surcharge for sizes above this.

    These are our most frequently ordered sizes. Every bushing is made to order however, so we can produce almost any size.

    • 14x10mm
    • 15x10mm
    • 15.7x8mm
    • 16.5x8mm
    • 19x8mm
    • 19x6mm
    • 20x6mm
    • 20x8mm
    • 20x10mm
    • 21.8x8mm
    • 22x8mm
    • 22x6mm
    • 22.2x8mm
    • 22.2x10mm
    • 25x8mm
    • 30x8mm
    • 34x8mm
    • 35x8mm
    • 40x8mm
    • 40x10mm
    • 42.2x8mm
    • 50x8mm