Looking to upgrade from your stock shock on a Trek frame? You'll need our bushing conversion kit! This has been one of our most popular Offset Bushing kits over the years so we've decided to offer it as a stand alone product.

Trek commonly use unique shock sizes such as 197mm which aren't commonly available for aftermarket shocks. Our conversion kit reduces the new shock length by 3mm overall, allowing you to use a 200mm shock which readily available without adjusting the geometry negatively. 

  • Includes a pair of standard size (12.7mm) igus® DU bushes.
  • Compatible with many Trek frames, such as Remedy / Fuel / Slash for 2016 and earlier. If your frame is 2017 + this will not work. Please contact us for an alternative.
  • Sizes are 39.9x8mm (lower) and 39.9x10mm (upper). Please note that the product photo does not reflect this. Proper photos on their way!
  • Replacement upper bolt is not included as these vary between frames, though are easily sourced from your local bolt store (10mm diameter).
  • Machined to high tolerances from Brass with Aluminium spacers.
  • Replace your out of date DRCV / RE:aktiv shock with a modern shock to greatly improve performance.
  • Very simple to install with no special tools needed.
  • Fast machining and shipping time!
  • Worldwide delivery